The ‘Art’ of the move.

Relocating art objects is an ‘art’ in itself. That’s why Nayak employs specialists in the packaging and handling of fine art objects. We use the highest quality packing materials to protect the art internally and externally, with packaging to suit every type of object. Whether it’s a collection of paintings or a large sculpture, our fine art team have the skills and experience to make relocation of your precious art objects a worry-free process. Send us an email with your artwork details and we’ll get right back to you with a shipping proposal.

If you’re packing your own artwork, here’s a few tips:

Framed Artwork.Use unprinted newspaper or plain brown paper to wrap paintings. This preventsany ink from staining the artwork.

Mirrors. Use masking tape to mark an “X” over large mirrors and glass. This protects the glass by preventing it from shattering

Canvases. Heavy duty corner protectors should be used to protect the corners of canvases.

Framed Photographs and Mirrors. Should be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in cardboard boxes. The boxes need to be full so that items do not move around while in transit. Use crumpled newspaper or styrofoambeads to fill the boxes.
For expensive artworks, we strongly recommend our professional packers and Art Insurance for additional peace of mind.