Shipment Mode – Sea

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the most cost effective way to ship all your household goods and personal effects when you relocate.
There’s a range of different sea-shipping services available, depending on your budget, time restraints and the volume of belongings you wish to move. But don’t worry! Your Nayak Move Manager will help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

Here’s a handy summary of the main shipping options. We can estimate your likely shipment size and advise which service will work best for you:

Shipping MethodMain BenefitConsiderationsSize
Air FreightFastest DeliveryHigher Cost.Smaller shipments
LCL (Less than Container Load)Faster than Groupage shipping.More expensive than Groupage as a freight forwarder/co-loader shipping line is involved.Less than a half container load
FCL (Full Container Load)Most Economical for large shipments. No Freight ForwardingYou need to have enough cargo to make full use of the containerFull Container load
Groupage ShippingMost economical for smaller shipments and less than a container2-8 weeks (best for non-urgent shipping)Partial container load

FCL (Full Container Shipments)

Full containers come in three sizes: 20 ft, 40 ft and 40ft HQ containers.

  • 20Ft containers have a 1000 cubic foot capacity and will fit most of the items from a small house or a three room flat.
  • 40Ft containers have a 2000 cubic foot capacity and are generally used for bigger volume shipments from large apartments and landed houses.
  • 40 HQ containers have a 2200 cubic foot capacity and are generally used when a 40ft container is not enough to accommodate all items.

FCL shipment is the best and most cost-effective option to ship your entire house lot as an independent consignment. This means you’ll get immediate loading onto the vessel from Singapore and quicker customs clearance. At Nayak we always use premium carriers with shorter transit times to expedite your shipment.

LCL (Less than a container) Shipments

LCL is a good option for worldwide shipping when you can’t fill a full container but have too much to air freight. This is a cost-effective way to export up to 30% of a 20ft container in volume. LCL shipments are booked through third party shipping lines or co-loaders and generally work to a weekly schedule. Your cargo will be well packed in wooden cases for the easy handling and low risk of damage.

Consolidated or Groupage Shipping

Consolidated or Groupage shipment is the least expensive way to ship if you are happy to wait longer for your cargo to arrive. Your shipment is combined with others going to the same destination but isn’t shipped until the container is full. Usually it takes a minimum of a month, from our Singapore warehouse, to fill the groupage container for a particular port. Groupage shipments can be done to Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, India, Hong Kong and the USA.

Nayak Freight provide consolidated shipments to:

  • The UK and other European destinations (via Felixstowe)
  • Germany & Switzerland (via German ports)
  • The USA (via Oakland on the west coast and New York on the east coast) to the entire USA
  • India (via Chennai and Nhavasheva)