7 reasons why our clients choose Nayak as their preferred relocation service

Reason # 1: Experience

Every Nayak Move Manager has a minimum 10 years’ experience in the international relocations field, with exceptional knowledge in customs documentation and clearance procedures across geographical boundaries.
Whether it’s America, Europe, Australia or Asia—we handle your shipment from beginning to end.

Our knowledgeable move managers can ease your concerns about overseas customs regulations and any specific logistical requirements. We offer a personalised service with one point of contact for the entire relocation process. We’re proud of our quick and efficient door-to-door service and we want to make your relocation easy and hassle-free.

Reason # 2: We Care

We treat our customer’s precious items with the utmost care. All your valuable items are individually itemised and separately packed, taking extra care with fragile items.

Shipping is a complex process and sometimes there can be issues or delays. We take these holdups seriously and work to resolve any unexpected issues promptly and efficiently. At Nayak Freight we value your feedback on our service and welcome any suggestions or recommendations you may have.

Reason # 3: Superior Packing

The Nayak Freight team’s packing standards are second-to-none. How do we achieve this quality? Unlike some of our competitors, we use the best packing materials available, to make sure your valuable items are safe and secure.

We bring a huge range of top quality packing products to the job, including carton boxes, corrugated rolls, bubble sheets, corner protectors, PE forms, newsprint, silica gel, and absormatic poles (which help prevent moisture and condensation).

We will not compromise on the packing of your shipment, that’s our point of difference. Our professional packing methods minimise the risks related with shock, vibration or pressure, dents, bending, weather conditions and contamination. We’ll protect your shipment from beginning to end.

Reason # 4: We’re committed to Customer Service

At Nayak, we provide the most customer-focused relocation packages. You’ll get quick solutions and 24/7 customer support from our professional team. You’ll also get a custom-made shipping solution that takes your travel plans into account. We’re committed to delivering a superior service to every customer with minimal inconvenience.

Proper planning is the key to a successful relocation. Our experienced move managers begin with a detailed ‘pre-move’ questionnaire, to establish your exact requirements. Using this information, we generate a schedule that clearly outlines the complete door-to-door relocation process.

Reason #5: Professional Crew

You can trust Nayak Freight’s highly experienced and professional crew to pack your valuable household items. Our fully-briefed crew leader will meet with you first thing, to reconfirm what to pack and what to leave.

We know packing and re-locating can be a stressful time but rest assured our team are there to make the process easy, so you can relax and let us do the work! We have the skills and experience to pack your valuable household goods and precious personal belongings and ensure they remain protected during the entire relocation process.

Reason # 6: Prompt, Hassle-Free Delivery

At Nayak Freight, we’ve got in-depth geographical knowledge of port and terminal locations across the world and we deal with port and customs handling processes every day. We’re the leading professionals in relocation!

We only use reputable carriers for sea and air freight. These are premium vessel and airline operators with shorter transit times—so you get your property delivered quicker. With our knowledge of transport schedules, we’ll coordinate your travel requirements to take advantage of the best shipping options available.

Reason # 7: A Worldwide Network

We have a network of partner offices worldwide who work with us on a regular basis. Together, we’ll keep you up to date with the customs clearance process and delivery arrangements. We seek feedback after each delivery to make sure the the quality of our service is maintained.

Nayak make relocation easy:

  • Our move managers provide you with a competitive relocation quote.
  • We’ll advise you on the best transport options for your shipment, whether it’s by sea or air with LCL, FCL or Groupage. (Have a look at our Services page to find out more about the different shipping options available)
  • We have container-sharing options to keep the costs lower.
  • We deliver your shipment on time at your chosen destination, as per your move plan.

We’re members of IAM and Eurovan and partner with reliable and regular partners worldwide. We’re also part of the Nayak group, offering you the benefits of a large company network.